Arishta drugs mentioned in the texts are coarsely  powdered and Kashaya is prepared. The
Kashaya is strained and kept in the fermentation vessel. Sugar, jaggery or honey*, according to the formula, is dissolved, boiled, filtered and added. Drugs mentioned as PrakÀepa Dravyas are finely powdered and added. At the end, Dhatakipushpa, if included in the formula, should be properly cleaned and added. The mouth of the vessel is sealed. The container is kept either in a special room (Alternatively, in an underground cellar or in a heap of paddy, so as to ensure that for the duration of fermentation, as far as possible, a constant temperatures may impede or accelerate the fermentation).

After the specified period, the lid is removed, and the contents examined to ascertain whether the
process of fermentation (Sandh¡na) has been completed. The fluid is first decanted and then strained after two or three days. When the fine suspended particles settle down, it is strained again and bottled.

Arishta is a medicated wine prepared with a blend of herbal decoctions.