Abrus Precatorius

Indian Herbs :
Abrus Precatorius

Family Name:

Botanical Name:
Abrus Precatorius

Common Name:
Tento Muido, Ma Liao Tou, Rosary Pea, Jequerity, Paternoste, Precatory Bean, Cain Ghe, Graines Reglisse, Rakat, Weesboontje, Crab’s Eye, Jequerit, Hint Meyankoku, Hung Tou

Part Used:
Seeds, Leaves.

Central India

Paste of Abrus Precatorius seeds is used for stiffness of shoulder joints and paralysis. Roots of this herb are very effective for curing jaundice, gonorrhea and haemoglobinuric bile. Oil of these seeds is used to increase the growth of hairs