Using Herbs In Taking Showers For Children

Using herbs in taking showers for children is always a reliable method with natural “bath gel” and is almost a trend for mothers who have young children. Because when the market is full with brand names of the baby lotion for children of all ages, the mothers will find it difficult to find a safe and good product that makes no harm to the skin, and then helps avoid the unwanted effects on the health of young children. This article is only for the informational purpose, and not aimed to give medical advice. Therefore, keep reading the following content to get more detail information.

Some wonderful benefits of using herbs in taking showers for children:

According to the Ministry of Health, some substances found in bath gel such as Paraben and Methylisothiazolinone are currently being considered to be banned because, besides the quality preservatives’function, those also cause bad influences to our children. Therefore, the use of herbs in place of common bath gel in the market is regarded as an optimal way for parents.

Children’s skin is very sensitive so parents can look for some kind of popular herbs to both help clean the baby and prevent skin diseases such as rash, itchy rash, etc. These useful effects of natural herbs have been carefully studied by science, as well as the experience of the previous generation. Some kind of herbs is not difficult to find in the kitchen, and you can also simply run out to the garden to get some. If your house does not grow these herbs, you can go to the Oriental pharmacies or supermarkets to find reliable herbs. There are also many herbal remedies available at pharmacies that are suitable for our children.

Some kind of herbs used in taking showers for children

  1. Green tea leaves

Green tea leaves have many great effects such as treating ulcers, diaper rash. Children especially newborns often have to use diapers daily so it is very easy to cause some above skin diseases. Therefore, using herbs in taking showers for children with green tea leaves every 2 weeks or washing their genital with this kind of tea will help prevent diaper rash.

How to do: Green tea leaves (wash each leaf and then soak in diluted salted water), finely chopped, add them to the pot and boil with water for a while to get green tea, then mixed it with the bath water.

  1. Mulberry leaves

Rinse thoroughly some of the mulberry leaves and boil in a large pot. Wait for water being cooler, pick out the leaves and bathe the children with water in the pot, do not mix with pure water. If your child is having heat rash, you could use mashed green peas to sprinkle on the baby’ skin after bathing with the mulberry leaves water. Just using herbs in taking shower for children continuously for a few days then you will see that the disease does not spread anymore, the old rashes are also softened and then diminished.

  1. Bitter melon

Bitter melon is a kind of cool vegetables, which is popular and regarded as a natural remedy and also tonic. Not only that, it is very effective and makes no harm for the skin of children, especially for newborns if the babies’ skin is rash. Every time you bathe your baby, just using two medium sized of this fruit are enough. By using this herb in taking shower for children, you will find how healthy they are for children’ skin.

How to do: Wash the bitter melon, chop or pound and then mix with water to bathe the children. In this way, moms and dads will be surprised with your children’ smooth skin.

  1. Marjoram

Pick fresh marjoram, wash and then mix into the bath water. By using herbs in taking shower for children 2 times a day, this herb will bring to you the effects of antiseptic, killing the bacteria on the skin. Essential oils in the marjoram have the effect of protecting the skin from the bacteria. Therefore, this type of leaves are well-known by its natural antibiotics and cleansing the skin effect.

According to folk experience, using the marjoram mixed with fresh water in bathing for babies every day can prevent heat rashes, itchy rashes, etc.

Bath herbs in general and some herbs in our writing all have remarkable uses, so parents should understand them thoroughly before using herbs in taking shower for children to prevent them from catching some unexpected skin diseases. I hope that the article will bring useful information to parents in choosing the method and type of herbal bath that are safe for your children. If you have any question, please leave a comment below.

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