The Benefits of Anu Thailam

Ayurvedic oilWhat are the benefits of Anu Thailam ?
Improved sense of smell – Clears sinuses – Vibrant voice – Strengthens muscles and joints of face and neck also improves circulation – Helps relieve stiff neck – Prevents diseases like Facial palsy, Baldness, early gray hair and headaches.

How to use Anu Thailam ?
Ask you Ayurvedic doctor first, optimally, cleaning your nose with Anu Thailam (oil) should be performed for 7 days, 3 times a year. The rest of the time, you may use neti (warm water mixed with rock salt). Never use both methods on the same day. Or you can use anu thailam once a week. It depends on the instructions given by your health care practitioner.

When to use Anu Thailam ?
To use Anu thailam, (before your shower) lie down with the head tilted back as much as possible without straining your neck (you may prop a pillow under your head). Put two drops of oil in each nostril and stay lying down for a few minutes. The oil will decongest your nasal passages and cause the excess mucus to move down toward your throat. Go to the sink and spit out any secretions, as they are toxic. Keep spitting until all the mucus has been eliminated. Rinse your mouth with warm water.