Herbs That Lower your Cholesterol Level

Many Herbs and foods lower the cholesterol, But Today I will be sharing about the few herbs which without reason lowers the cholesterol levels.

Let me first tell you the herbs that lower the Cholesterol are:

  1. Garlic
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Kaunch Beej
  4. Safed Musli

All the above herbs have the properties to reduce the High Lipid-Protein that exists in our blood. And these herbs works best removes that high-lipid protein.

Garlic and Cinnamon are easily available whereas Kuanch Beej and Safed Musli are traditional herbs and can be bought at lower prices.

But I must Tell you that Safed Musli is the best herb to use to lower cholesterol. It has High Saponin and Polysaccharide and water extract. It mainly comprises of carbohydrates, proteins, saponin, Alkaloids, and Fiber.

The Safed Musli root contains almost 25 types of alkaloids, many vitamins and major minerals like magnesium calcium, and potassium. It also comprises of Polysaccharides, Phenol, mucilage content, and resins. There are also sugars like Glucose, fructose, galactose, sucrose, mannose and xylose,

Which not only helps to reduce the Cholesterol but it Safed Musli has more Benefits which you can Check here.